7 Practical Reasons Why Staffing and Recruiting Firms Need SEO

7 Practical Reasons Why
Staffing and Recruiting Firms Need


The world was blindsided by an unforeseen pandemic and the staffing and recruiting industry was brought down to its knees. The unemployment rate rose and a lot of businesses discontinued operations.

Therefore, we know that everyone is facing 2021 with reservations and a tight budget. And though marketing plans are usually the firsts to receive a cut, this is not the time to do so. Now is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your marketing efforts, specifically, your SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy of dominating the search engine results by using keywords, content, and delivering an excellent user experience through your website. It is a worthy investment because both clients and candidates are now found online.

To show you better, we have created a list of the top reasons why website traffic is crucial if you want to keep generating revenue. And as we have mentioned, we are aware of the on-going adversity so, we only included the factors that will be most beneficial.

SEO targets the clients who are “ready to buy”

SEO is commonly treated as a foreign language that makes non-technical people take a step back so, we’ll put it simply – SEO brings sales. The key is to attract the proper audience. Now, to understand this better, we need to learn about the keywords that are used for each stage of the buying process. In the image below, you will see the search funnel for organic traffic, the type of keyword that is used for each stage, and their search volume.
The top of the funnel is the awareness stage. During this phase, the user searches for generic and single-worded keywords known as short-tail keywords. The intent is to gather a general idea about a certain topic. The middle of the funnel is for research. At this stage, the user is already informed about the idea of the topic. He is more interested but he is not yet ready to sign-up. He uses 2-3 keywords that are more specific than short-tail keywords. These are called medium or mid-tail keywords. Lastly, the bottom of the funnel is called the purchase stage. This is when the user chooses very specific phrases called long-tail keywords to look for the exact results, making him a