Why You Want to Have an Email Address You Control When Setting Up Your Digital Assets

By Rachel Woods

This may not be the most fun or interesting topic, but it is vital to your company. Every business uses email and has some kind of internet presence. Email is the primary form of communication between employees and clients, so it is important to have complete control of your company’s email and any services that are associated with it. Always create your own email domain, account, and password, and NEVER delegate this job to an employee or manager; this applies to all social media accounts too. Do not let someone use a personal email to set up these accounts, including you, because you want these to be property of the company rather than an individual. This will ensure that if anything goes wrong, you always can easily access the account and be in complete control of it. Also, if for some reason you have to fire an employee and they are vindictive, you, as a manager, can take away their control of the account instantly. It is time consuming and frustrating if you have to jump through all the hoops in order to remove the account from the former employee’s control.

Now that we have established how critical it is for you to set up your own email domain, let us talk about some online resources that can help. Companies, such as Google, have developed services that enable businesses to work better. One of these services that is particularly relevant to our discussion is that Google allows you to set up a company email and password. All employees should have a company email to avoid confusion for clients and to ensure that if they leave the company that you can take away their access and protect your information. Once that is done, every other digital asset can be connected through your Google account; in layman’s terms, your company email is the torso of the body of your business. There are also other useful services such as Google analytics, Google search console, and Google business.