Holiday Marketing and Beyond in the Time of COVID-19

By: Rozalyn Lagan

The holiday season – a delightful time for the world of business and marketing, but with COVID-19 still throwing challenges to businesses everywhere, can we expect the digital marketing world to thrive?

COVID-19 came as a surprise and the world was shaken; it still is, and businesses have faced the toughest times they’ve had in years. Before we move further, make sure that you keep your head up and pat yourself on the back for making it through 2020. Go on, you deserve it.

But aside from sending you a warm, virtual embrace, we’re here to help you get your head in the digital marketing game for the last days of 2020 and be ready for the birth of a new year. We’ve listed down the things that you need to remember to keep your marketing strategies sharp.

1.Don’t just keep up with the trends, serve needs.

COVID-19 has awoken the awareness of the people. It’s not just about consuming anymore, it’s about obtaining what’s necessary. Reassess your brand and ask yourself what is it that makes the service you provide essential during these times.

2. Invest your efforts in contactless marketing strategies and get on multi-touch channels.

The digital platform is your ally when there are limited face-to-face marketing options and health protocols are a priority; and while people have been glued to their phones for the past decade, not being able to go out as freely as we want to have increased our time online. Utilize your contactless marketing strategies by getting on multi-touch platforms like telemarketing, email marketing, content and SEO, and others that suit your audience.

3. Focus on valuable and relevant content.

SEO and content marketing are all about building trust. To maintain authority during these times, you need relevant content that aims to genuinely educate or help out your readers in one form or another. Don’t forget to utilize your copies with attention-grabbing visuals and a compelling call-to-action.

4. Get creative with video marketing.

Remember the heartwarming commercials you used to see as a kid? I bet you still do. In the time of a world-wide pandemic and the holidays approaching, video marketing is a tool that you do not want to miss. It does not need to be an expensive video or a dramatic one but this is your chance to tell a story and make an emotional impact that will motivate your prospects to take action.

5. Encourage discussions.

With a global pandemic or not, the people of the internet are continuously craving for more information and thought exchange. Online forums are a great way to connect to a more filtered target audience because almost every visitor is there for a purpose. The way to engage in these platforms is by sharing substantial opinion and subtly driving a generally smart audience to know more about your business. Remember that being too aggressive will only cause more harm than good when you are among an audience whose primary goal is to be informed.