Medical Marijuana In The Workplace

Ally Cole, brand manager for ELOC Global, and Gary Edwards, President of ERS Antenna, discuss medical marijuana and what it means for the workplace. Gary says that medical marijuana is here to stay so employers (and employees) will need to get familiar with rules and regulation related to it, which is confusing because it seems there are new rules and regulations being released constantly. Gary says that medical marijuana is here to stay because it has been proven to have medicinal effects for various types of people (trauma patients, those with brain disorders, people with Parkinson’s, etc) while at the same time producing little to no side effect.

For people with cancer who lose their appetites, medical marijuana can help them regain it so they can eat the necessary amount of food for their nourishment.

Job seekers who live in states where marijuana is available for medical or recreational uses will need to be knowledgeable of the requirements for the employers they are looking to get hired.