Wilson Cole, President of Adams, Evens, & Ross (AER) and Ally Cole, brand manager for AER, run down a list of SEO hints and tips to improve your marketing. Ally said one key component is using content to boost your SEO. To do this, you would write content and then post it to Facebook or other sites and create backlinks from the content to your website. The way the Google algorithm works with SEO is that it’s all about credibility; credibility is built by having your website referenced in more places. One of the benefits of using Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine’s (RSSM) services is that you can publish content to the magazine and create backlinks to your website, on top of the exposure you get from the magazine article in the first place. AER itself utilizes these SEO techniques and the proof is in the Google search results when you search for such things as “staffing debt” or “past due debt” and the top results are AER and ELOC Global pages. Ally says that SEO is similar to how a spider-web is stronger with more strands of web connecting to more places. Wilson says that a smart way to find other companies who may be interested in beginning a mutually beneficial SEO partnership is to think of vendors inside of the same industry where you operate that are not competitors to your company (their clients match your clients). For example, AER is in the staffing and recruiting industry, but is not a competitor to a banking company that caters to the same industry, so they can swap articles/content and help each other’s “SEO spider-web” grow. Wilson says you can even swap client lists too (if appropriate trust is present) because the non-competitor company may have contact information that you do not. This can not only help with SEO but building a mutually beneficial referral system.

To recap, 3 things you can do to improve your SEO right now are

1) have content that you can add value to the people you are trying to add as clients,

2) put that content up on your website,

3) share that content so that it gets posted to as many other websites as possible (boosting you in Google search).

This is a much better plan than paying a company that will create a bunch of low-quality backlinks, supposedly improving your website’s SEO, but once Google finds out it will actually hurt your website. All of this is important because as Wilson says, the business cycle has compressed so much that by the time a potential client calls you, they are much closer to choosing who they plan to do business with than in the past. You don’t want to be left behind because you didn’t employ a good SEO strategy. If you want to follow up with Ally about SEO or other marketing opportunities, you can email her at ally@elocglobal.com.