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Wilson Cole, President of Adams, Evens & Ross (AER) and Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine (RRSM) takes time to discuss the topic marketing (outside of collections). One key tool for marketing is growing your email list, which he suggests you do by such strategies as creating lead magnets, and not by such strategies as buying a list.

To create a lead magnet, create a list of non-competing companies in your sector, create an offer for them to distribute to their clients and create a free resource related to the offer (such as a whitepaper), notify the non-competitor of the offer and give it to them to distribute to their clients, and email the free resource to the new contacts as they respond to the offer. This process can be automated and is a great way to grow your email list because your company is being presented by a trusted source. Even if the type of contacts you get through the non-competitive company distributing your resource do not match up perfectly with field your company is in, you can follow up in an email asking the new contact to forward the email to the type of contact that would be a better match.

Please note that people who take the time to download or follow up on your free resource are probably experiencing or have experienced an issue related to your resource. It helps to do as much of the work during this process as possible because the non-competitor company is more likely to participate in this cross-promotion if there is less work for them to do.

If you have any questions, please visit or call Wilson Cole at 800-452-5287, extension 6578.

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