RSSM Linkedin Marketing

Wilson Cole, President of Adams, Evens & Ross (AER) and Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine (RRSM) sits down for another podcast from the road.

This episode’s theme is LinkedIn Marketing. On the road to his current base of over 3000 clients and handling $50 million per year in collections, Wilson explains that marketing is one area where it has been a necessity to grow his knowledge.

LinkedIn has had a huge impact on getting prospects and clients in regards to collections and staffing, especially over the past 2 years. The essence of what to do is make a connection with a cold prospect on LinkedIn, start a discussion regarding issues they may be experiencing, and continue the communication until the prospect has become a client.

One note regarding this process is to follow best practices on LinkedIn, as they apply to recruiters and the like.

Another note is that if acquiring a particular prospect is initially unsuccessful on LinkedIn, your company could search elsewhere on the internet for contact information for the same prospect and follow up via email or telephone.

AER has teams of LinkedIn marketers that regularly generate a lot of leads and can help your company as well if you would like.

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