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Wilson Cole, President of Adams, Evens & Ross (AER) and Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine (RRSM) sits down for another podcast from the road during one of his many traffic-filled commutes.

Today he is giving knowledge he’s gained related to voicemails and their impact on marketing.

There have been big changes over the years in the ways businesses can successfully market themselves. Cold-calling telemarketing rates are way down because it used to be that you could make hundreds of calls per day and reach hundreds of people and possibly land a handful of new clients after further conversation/work.

Now, if you make hundreds of calls in a day you are lucky to reach 3 people in general. Wilson remembers when voicemail came on the scene about 30 years ago. It began with only important types of messages being left, because previously those were usually the only messages that someone would take the time to have a secretary write down (before voicemails). As such, business people used to check their voicemail once per hour, because important messages needed to be returned ASAP. As time went on, business people gradually checked their voicemails less and less to the point that some only check it now once per week or so. But Wilson says not to discount making calls and leaving voicemails all together, especially when coupled with technology that will allow your telemarking team to drop pre-recorded voicemails from someone higher up in your company that a prospect/client would recognize. This makes it seem like that higher up person called them personally/directly and also prevents the natural loss of energy that would come from a telemarketer repeating the voicemail content over and over.

In Wilson’s experience, voicemail drop translates into a very high ROI. For more information, please visit, email or call Wilson Cole at 800-452-5287, extension 6578.

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