TempNet Success with Kevin Kowal

Ally Cole, brand manager for ELOC Global, interviews Kevin Kowal, President of Coastal Connections, about his career in the staffing industry and his experience with TempNet. Kevin got into the staffing and recruiting field after he sold his previous company and a friend who already had a business in the field (The Coastal Group) talked Kevin into joining the team. The Savannah office of the Coastal Group provides a lot of staffing for the light industrial industry while the Hilton Head office does more business in the hospitality industry. The Coastal Medical Staffing division fills positions such as nurses, CNAs, etc. One of the biggest changes Kevin has experienced since the early 2000s is the tremendous growth in the area between Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. The growth means many types of new jobs, such as jobs in support and administrative fields. Kevin says the biggest benefit of using TempNet is the information he receives from non-competing companies; specifically, being able to ask questions related to an active issue and getting a helpful, informative response very quickly. Kevin’s favorite business-related book is Good to Great by Jim Collins because of how applicable it is to the staffing industry. The mentor-like figure that first comes to mind for Kevin is Simon Sinek, whom Kevin has heard multiple times via TED Talks, specifically for his theory of people being motivated by “why” more than “what.” Advance Payroll is a vendor t