Why Use a Recruiter to Find a Job?

By Gary Edwards

Every day, people all over the world are applying for jobs; some of them use internet sites, personal connections, recruiting companies, and many other resources. So, we asked the big question that is on everyone’s mind: when a candidate is looking for a new job, what is the advantage of finding a job using conventional methods versus using a recruiter or a headhunter?

This is a great question because, as noted above, a job seeker has plenty of options. The simple answer is that finding a job on your own can be a lengthy and daunting task; using a recruiter whose services are free of charge to you, can take all of the guesswork out of the interview process and significantly speed up the time of landing a new job. There are many methods of finding a new career, depending on your level of experience and the industry you work in, but your chances diminish without an inside contact in the company who will end up hiring you.

Another big question that is frequently asked is: when I’m searching for a new job, how will I find that golden opportunity? Will I open up a newspaper and comb through the ads? Do newspapers even publish job ads these days? In this digital era, you will likely only have three good options:

1. Go out to the job boards and sift through thousands of jobs, and then post your resume to those boards and sit and wait for your phone to ring.